Why We Chose To Go Organic

Most people strive to be a better person. Whether that is by recycling, eating healthier, or going for a run, we set goals and make plans to reach them. When Alovia Accessories was created, one of the first things we did was set goals and standards for the company. This isn’t an easy task and started with research and reflection. Helping dogs and cats was the priority. Determining how far to take that priority was a mission.

There were some very important questions that needed to be asked and answered. Is sticking to strict standards important? Why go organic at all? Is vegan material really necessary? What are the reasons? Will the business be viable with these increased costs? It was decided early on the we were going to answer yes to those questions because if we are going to make a difference, going half way wasn’t an option.

Let’s start with our fabric choices. After watching the documentary Fast Fashion and doing additional research, it was immediately determined that we would use as much 100% organic fabric as possible, along with vegan leathers.

Cotton was our number 1 choice, as it’s a renewable resource, light weight and breathable. Not to mention the assortment of gorgeous colours it can come in.

Learning about the cotton industry has been fascinating. The conventional cotton industry uses 25% of the worlds insecticides and 10% of the worlds pesticides! That’s an alarming amount of chemicals for one industry to use. Especially considering that according to the World Health Organization, pesticides cause as many as 20,000 deaths in developing countries alone. That doesn’t take into account the numerous other farmers across the world.

After reading numerous statistics like this, we dived into the organic cotton industry. We found that organic cotton is grown in a way that reduces the impact on the environment, utilizes less water and there is a big movement towards growing solutions that actually replenish the soils fertility and build diverse agriculture.

I have sensitive skin and harsh chemicals cause irritation which drives me crazy. One of the major benefits I’ve found of organic cotton is that it doesn’t cause these irritations, which is a cause to sing and dance!

Organic Fabric Swatches

Although our goal is to help dogs and cats, other animals should not be discounted and using their hide to create a fashion accessory is unnecessary, especially with the variety of unique and fashionable alternatives available. In addition to being vegan, we are constantly looking for other economically friendly and sustainable materials. We’re immovable with these standards and are sticking to them because it’s the core behind our values and beliefs.

Our collections are designed by us. Which allows us to choose the fabrics, manufacturers and other organizations as we see fit. We only collaborate with people and companies who are aligned with our ethos and meet our standards – which we try to check up on a regular basis.

Every day we try to improve these standards and find better materials. Stick with us as we work hard on a daily basis to create better accessories.