Why Fashion Accessories? Why a Purse?

Sherri and I were traveling through Europe, and like any twenty-something girls, we were on the hunt for the perfect travel purse. To our dismay, we couldn’t find what we were looking for before we left. Lucky for us, our first stop was to visit a friend who was living in London, England, and after hearing about our purse troubles, she pulled out something close to perfection. It was light, fit everything needed, and had secret pockets. There were a few things we wanted to change, but ultimately it worked for our European adventure.

Maggie and Sherri on a London train, with the gold purse on Sherri's lap
Maggie and Sherri on a London train, with the gold purse on Sherri’s lap

A few years later during one of many brainstorming sessions at our weekly discussion group, we stumbled upon our mutual love for animals and desire to give back. So we decided that we were going to start a business to help dogs and cats in need, to give them a voice.

But how would we raise money? What would the business look like? Inspired by Blake Mycoskie and the Tom’s Shoes business model, we decided to start by creating one item. We both really liked the idea of purses, and what better purse to sell then the one we loved, knew inside and out, and could easily picture in our minds. The travel Europe purse. The purfect purse. After traveling for many weeks using the purse we were able to easily pin point exactly how we wanted to improve it and why.

Purse prototype
Purse prototype

We found a wonderful designer from a local college and explained the purse and all of the changes we wanted to make. Not only did it have to be light, a suitable size, and hold secret pockets, but it also needed to be durable, weather proof, and of course, it needed to be made of vegan, organic and sustainable materials.

In the end, our custom designed purse looks nothing like the original. However, it meets all of our strict requirements and after testing it out in the real world, we can’t wait for you to fall in love with the first item in our line of accessories, just as we have. Because who doesn’t love helping out our furry friends with a few beautiful fashion accessories!

Kitkat all cozy on our first purse prototype