Alovia Accessories Logo

We recently held a poll on facebook to ask the Alovia community to vote for their favourite icon, and the winning logo has been chosen – option C with the heart paw print was the clear winner! Thank you so much everyone for voting, we really appreciate your input!


First, let us explain where the name Alovia comes from. It’s made up of three words: Animal, Love and Via. Alovia is the way (via) that we are able to give love to animals around the world.

The chosen icon reflects this. The paw print symbolizes the cats and dogs that we help, the heart symbolizes the love we give them, and the circle is the connector that brings it all together that gives us a way to help the animals.

Also, since we are an accessories company, the circle with the heart and the dots inside also represents a button, with the dots symbolizing our three founding words: Animals, Love and Via.

We are so excited that we have our staple logo, and that you have helped us to choose it!