Our Mission

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

–­ Margaret Mead

Our Founders

We started this company as a way to help cats and dogs have a voice and to give them a chance at the life we want for everyone.

It’s the simple idea of creating eco-friendly pet accessories that not only re-use existing material and give your pet a high quality accessory, but also help animals in need around the world through each purchase.

A Word That Means It All

A is for Animals, LOV is for Love, VIA means the way, and we’re determined to find a way to give animals a chance.


We Make Great Products

Our products come from experienced local artisans, who have the same passion as us. They are our fellow neighbours and personal friends, who also have a dream. It’s a great feeling to sit down with a talented maker, explain what you’re looking for, and see their eyes light up because they are as excited as you are to see the project come alive.

We stand proud at the quality of work being done and also in knowing that dreams can be reached one connection at a time.

Our artisans and products match our core values which are the life of Alovia:

We love animals

We Make a positive impact

We Give animals a voice

We put you and our furry friends first

We help animals through the power of community

We give new life to old materials and renewed hope to forgotten dogs and cats

Helping Dogs and Cats in Need

Every year we will choose and complete a new project that help dogs and cats in need.

Our First Project

We’re supporting with the best. The World Animal Protection Agency helps animals on the ground. We chose World Animal Protection because they believe that compassion for animals is a natural human condition regardless of culture, economic circumstance, or political system.

Our Goal

Our goal is to save dogs through the Better Lives for Dogs Campaign. How is this done? By providing rabies vaccines to dogs and protecting them from being inhumanely killed to prevent the disease from spreading. By providing antibiotic treatment to dogs to help them fight respiratory, urinary or skin infections. Antibiotics will also help infected wounds to heal. By providing construction materials to help build a vet clinic to care for the vulnerable dogs.